Getting Organized #OpenEdMOOC     |    edx OpenEdMOOC    |     Google Slides & stuff    |    Notes

  • Decide: what purpose do I want this blog to serve?
    • chronicle my progress through the OpenEdMOOC
    • create powerpoints, lesson plans, and workshop activities as I go.
    • organize and easily reference literature and other content to support the workshop materials I create.
  • Create a account
  • Create a “private group” on
    (so my references are easy for me to find and map to my workshop materials)
    Note to self: this is not really ‘open’.  What is a better alternative? Highlighting doesn’t allow for tagging, and if I annotate in the public and tag, it seems to clutter other’s comments and annotations. 
  • Use public settings and annotate to utilize the function of creating tags.
  • Decide what tags I want to use, such as #why #publishers #pedagogy #cost
  • Create a draft powerpoint in Google Slides to collect the references I want and slowly morph it into a ‘master’ of slides.
  • Next:
    • Create outcome statements for my Open Ed workshops.

Check out the course on edx or on the open access site


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